Why Research

Research is an important tool in addressing any issue in an effective manner. Research not only helps capture details of the issue in a structured format but also helps derive meaningful insights that translate into effective action steps.

HRhelpdesk Trust believes that data-backed recommendations translate into sustainable action steps. Therefore, we lay enormous emphasis on data-driven research. With research, we help you arrive at hard data to make inferences that hold meaning. Research also eliminates the incorrect perceptions and replaces it with clear, data-backed inferences needed to decide on further action steps. Therefore, research is at the core of effective decision-making.

We are currently conducting a nationwide survey Mahila Bol on sexual harassment that working women face at their workplaces. We have been given the mandate for the said survey by United Nations Women India and Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. The results and the data from this survey will be shared with them along-with appropriate recommendations and proposed action steps as the way forward.

We also conduct bespoke research for our partner organizations. To learn more about our research methodologies and how you can benefit from our research, contact us at empower@hrhelpdesk.org