Volunteer & Support us

Any individual or organization is as good as the team it works with. At HRhelpdesk Trust, we appreciate the virtues of working in teams and as such have invested enormous effort in building a support system that enables us to reach out to the most marginalized women of society and help them.

We have a network of volunteers and on-ground workers that provide support to our activities and help spread awareness about how women can become financially independent, health-conscious, be able to recognize and act against any form of harassment. We also aim to make women conscious of their rights and the laws that exist to protect them. Our Voice of Women Champions reach out to women facing abuse at workplaces and help their voices be heard.

HRhelpdesk Trust partners with individuals and organizations/companies working in Prevention of Sexual Harassment against women, health care facilities for victims of sexual abuse both at home and workplace, because we believe that when we collaborate, our collective effort can bring about positive results that are greater than the sum of the whole.

We will be delighted to partner with individuals and organizations who are as passionate as us about transforming the lives of millions of women for the better. If you are an individual, you can join hands with us as a volunteer and be part of this dedicated team of social workers. If you are an organization/company, there are various ways we can collaborate to create a national ecosystem that can make a greater positive impact on society.

To learn more about how we can work together, contact us at empower@hrhelpdesk.org.