The Trust

Women empowerment holds enormous importance for and forms the core belief of HRhelpdesk Trust. The volunteer work and the focus on contributing to social cause started as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of HRhelpdesk®, a boutique HR consulting company, since its inception in 2010. Being led by and run primarily by women, we are passionate about truly empowering women so that they can make better life choices and live with the dignity, they deserve.

HRhelpdesk Trust was registered in March 2018, in New Delhi as a Public Charitable Trust via registration number 336. The trust has operations across the country and focuses on matters which help women become self-sustainable.

HRhelpdesk® is an empanelled institute of the Ministry of Women and Child Development and understands its responsibility of effecting a positive change in the society and helping women rightfully enjoy the right of equality and right to work in a safe environment as enshrined in the Constitution of India. Therefore, we guide organisations, institutions, associations and individual women to realise maximum potential of women as part of the workforce. We work passionately to not only build sustainable work environment, but also in ensuring that women take on the control of building the work environment in their hands and are not waiting for action by someone else.

A society cannot progress unless women of the society are empowered. Therefore, HRhelpdesk Trust makes every effort to reach out to women, take up their cause, educate them, build awareness and ensure that they are confident and empowered enough to raise their own voice without fear and inhibitions.