The second wave
Shriya Shetty
June , 2021 No Comments

It is no surprise that the second wave of the novel Coronavirus has hit a lot of people differently and some more devastatingly than others, but looking over the past few months or the past year it has left a daunting questions upon every one of us, questioning our morals. And being a part of this culture — this country — that has held itself on a moral high ground, reality has served a brutal attack on all 1.3 Billion of us. 

There have definitely been talks and subsequent support for lakhs and lakhs of migrant workers who had to unceremoniously walk away from their livelihood, their home, go back to their houses – for some, and under such situation of these laborers almost being tortured by the circumstances that evoked pity amongst many and led to a mass drive for people to collectively come together and support them, pretty moral right? Guess not, because the help no matter true and in some huge amount, may have assisted a few, but a large chunk of people were left to deal with themselves, and sometimes death was the only thing they hoped for, and there weren’t any Twitter post or Twitteratis, for them, and thus they just faded away. 

Similarly, the second wave brutal than the first shook many, but this time around, no charities were ready to help them out, many had policies; that only bothered to cater to dysfunctional, immobile beings, and not others, but the crisis at hand didn’t really bifurcate anyone, right? So the help promised, given, or even offered couldn’t remotely cover enough grounds.

We at HRHelpDesk Trust had plans to help these many individuals as we can, with food kits that we could offer, but we fell short, and seeking help from anyone without any ulterior motif seemed bleak in current situations, and while we are still trying beyond our best abilities to still provide comfort to such huge groups, but our hands are falling short. 

Getting in touch with these many people is difficult for Amarpreet at HRHelpDesk, and getting through to as many as she did, we came across sordid reality of so many of these workers who haven’t had any job to themselves for months now, many of them are security guards, domestic workers and not just manual laborers, who haven’t had the opportunity to get back to their Bosses because of lockdown and in it’s wake the closure of shops, malls, factories and more. Additionally, with Domestic Workers, whom the first time around were at the least reimbursed the slightest bit, are now scavenging because no one is readily taking them back to work with everything that has been happening in the past several months and many demanded that they get vaccinated. A demand, that is definitely expected and accepted, but vaccines are not available everywhere for free, and for the longest time walk-in vaccination wasn’t even a real thing, where would these people book their slots, when they aren’t even acquainted to tech-friendly devices, and often times if they could get their jab, the taboo around vaccinations haven’t been countered, rather a new one keeps stemming every other day, in midst of such chaos what is it that you could do, or offer these people that’s in ways more than reassurances however sometimes these reassurances could also go a long way than giving up on their life entirely.

The reality today is that, all these situations gain their significance once a celebrity puts it up on their Twitter page, or any other social media handle, and people go crazy, likewise, if a celebrity asks or approaches someone or help/assistance with regard to themselves or their family, a person with a certain influence would get back to them because there is definitely good publicity waiting to happen, and sometimes even their ‘fans’ would be readily offering whatever help they can. And I’m sorry that these migrant laborers aren’t popular or likeable enough for this status, but their significance in each of our lives from delivery boys, to construction worker, salesmen, and most importantly — our domestic help is exponentially more than some celebrity, therefore we got to question our moral consciousness and ask; which direction we are heading in? Because scarce supplies are being more scarce, time is ticking, another infection wave is threatening at our doorstep, and we can’t keep on carrying for longer. 

We at HRHelpDesk Trust, have been engaging with these misfortunate pupils who have had trouble with adjusting to these uncertain times, with tackling problems of the lack of almost basic essentials, we are trying our hardest to meet up to their needs, with food kits and other necessities, and though the odds seems against us with such huge population waiting to be served, we want your help, your assistance to make it possible for every single one of these hardworking people, every family who is suffering right now. With your help, we can get these people back on their horses, and we’ll show everyone what it is to do a selfless deed, and what’s better than to help them live in a more healthier condition? We are counting on you!