The Impact We Make

At HRhelpdesk Trust, we firmly believe in financial independence of women such that they can live with dignity. A financially secure woman not only contributes to the economic development of her home and herself but is also capable of making life decisions independently. This is especially true in cases where women silently suffer abusive behaviours due to their financial dependence.

HRhelpdesk Trust is actively working toward empowering such women and helping them take control of their lives and become financially independent. Not only do we guide organizations into hiring more women employees, but also aim to provide financial assistance to marginalised women in collaboration with our partner organizations.

HRhelpdesk Trust is at the forefront when it comes to championing the cause of women empowerment. We reach out to women spanning various organized and unorganized sectors to understand their plight and hear their experiences. To lend support to the most marginalized women, we take up their cause with the concerned authorities and provide the support they need. In this endeavour, we are ably supported by on-ground activists, whom we call Voice of Women Champions. These Champions are accomplished women achievers who are as passionate as us about empowering women to become financially independent and live the life they deserve.

We encourage organizations and individuals to come forward and join hands with us in helping women become independent. To learn how you can contribute to this cause, contact us at