Building Sustainability by Educating Women

Half the battle is won if women understand what sexual harassment is and are able to differentiate between rude behaviour and sexually harassing behaviour. Even tough India has a reasonably sound law, the impact of the law is yet to be felt by working women.

In order to make women aware of this, we provide free training and awareness sessions to women across the country and across levels on Prevention of Sexual Harassment.

Such training are provided to educated, uneducated, white collared, blue collared, permanent employees and contract employees across the country  from the most advanced cities of India to the poorest cities in India in 12 different languages.

This training is provided free of cost to working women. The Volunteers who deliver such trainings are paid a allowance for such sessions.

Policy Advocacy & Changing Lives of Working Women

There is sexual harassment of women at workplace, this is almost a certain fact. Why does it happen, what is the impact of this to women and to organisations, how can this be reduced and how can we continuously keep driving change to ensure that women get workplace which lets them make a living with dignity, equality and respect.

to find answers to these and have support of policy makers, we invest a lot of time, energy and resources in research. Not only the research gives data to talk about gaps that needs to be plugged, it also provides a measurement of the severalty of the issue.

With sound data, the diagnosis is accurate and such diagnoses can bring about sustainable change in the lives of working women.

We have been involved in 2 large public surveys titled

  1. Voice of Women 2017, which is the largest such study in India
  2. Mahila Bol, which is currently in process, and is the largest and most diverse study of this kind in the  World.

Guidance & Financial Aid

As part of our effort to ensure that women are able to ward of the impact of Sexual Harassment to them at workplace, we provide assistance to women by way of mentoring, counselling, legal advise, financial aid,  talking to the family and in cases where possible and allowed by law talking to the organisations involved in the process.

Over the years we have supported numerous women who have reached out to us in indiavidual capacity for information, support, guidance or merely for talking to rebuild their courage.

Through our team of women volunteers we support such women across the country telephonically and personally in almost all spoken languages of India.

This service is provided free of cost to women needing support, however volunteers are paid a allowance.

Legal Aid

It is not possible to resolve all conflicts by discussion as matured adults, despite the efforts there are times when one needs to take the support of legal processes and systems either because of non-cooperation of the organisation, the other party or the severity of the issue. In such cases we provide women contact of Advocates working in the area of Sexual Harassment to guide and take the necessary next steps in the courts.

The fee for the advocates and court is agreed and paid by the individual directly to the advocates, neither do we recommend a range of charges, nor do we take a percentage of fee earned from the advocates on account of such cases.

It is our intention to be able to support women in need on this parameter also over a period of time.

We provide such informational support to women in 4 high courts of the country today.