Management Team

Amarpreet Kaur, Trustee

An alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, Amarpreet is the Founder and Partner – Performance & Culture, Diversity & Inclusion at HRhelpdesk®. An avid social activist for empowerment of women at workplace, Amarpreet has contributed to numerous projects, trained many women, and realigned corporate policies for many companies with the aim of enhancing empowerment of women at the workplace.

She founded HRhelpdesk® in September 2010 around a unique concept of work-from-home, supporting women professionals in pursuing career opportunities outside the practice of travelling to office. Amarpreet has been a consultant to Indian, Japanese and American clients in building, stabilising and efficiently running the people agenda in their companies. She is committed to enhancing awareness of Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace, and other factors that deter the workforce from being productive.

Having championed the cause of mining data to speak beyond individual beliefs and perceptions, Amarpreet believes research forms an important part of any solution, by not only helping us understand an issue in greater detail, but by also throwing up insights for long-lasting and high-impact initiatives.

Since 2010 Amarpreet has been involved in her relent-less task of ensuring that women continue to be in the workforce. For ensuring this she has trained, mentored, coached, provided assistance to thousands of women free of cost on how they can handle the challenges they face at their workplace which inhibit basic human rights.

Not only has she supported women in urban areas, but she has supported women across the country from both rural, semi-urban and urban landscapes.

Her belief is that women need to be provided a safe and dignified workplace for them to be able to live a life which has the element of freedom in it.

She can be reached by writing at 

Parul Rajeev Mathur, Chief Campaigner

A technical writer, a science graduate, a MBA and a social activist, Parul brings a unique combination of driving change with an all together different perspective.

In her usual day, she spends time working in a multinational organization supporting global projects in her area of technical expertise, but her heart is in seeing women get a dignified. She works tirelessly for ensuring women are informed, updated, supported, and more importantly made to feel respected in their everyday life. She has spent a lot of time in various projects including Voice of Women, MahilaBol and is actively involved in spreading awareness of Cervical Cancer at the grass root level.

Parul believes, that strong women are key to creating a sustainable social, cultural and political change. Women’s empowerment is all about allowing and equipping them to make life-determining choices across different spaces and the best way forward is to make sure that women support each other. The combined voice of women is powerful and it can uplift our communities. Parul says, that, when women are empowered – individually and collectively – they are equipped to challenge patriarchal norms, tackle the root cause of inequality, and can appropriately respond to all forms of violence against women.

Parul has been recognised by as a Change Maker and by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India as a Web Wonder Women.

Parul can be reached at 

Mandeep Singh, Trustee

An alumnus of Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, XLRI, Jamshedpur and IIM-Bangalore, Mandeep is a seasoned Human Resources professional. Over the years, Mandeep has worked with Vodafone, MetLife, Aviva, BMR Advisors, and accumulated extensive successes in the area of people management showing some unique and high impact contributions to the companies he has been associated with.

In his roles with the corporate sectors apart from managing Human Resources he had been engaged in driving the CSR programmes with various NGOs.

His belief on building a sustainable workplace stems from the fact that every individual, whether man or women needs to be provided a safe, dignified, respectable and fair workplace. In his previous roles he has been involved in the Diversity & Women Empowerment roles of the companies he has been associated with.

He can be reached by writing at