MahilaBol is a social initiative of HRhelpdesk, it focuses on enabling women to live a dignified life by making them aware of their rights. The task of MahilaBol was two-fold,

1.To spread awareness of Sexual Harassment of Women in the workplace and how women can tackle it,

2.To gather detailed and strong data that can further be used for arriving at a solution.

Mahila Bol was a nationwide survey, in 2018, on sexual harassment that working women face at their workplaces. We were given the mandate for the said survey by United Nations Women India and the Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. We did this by research, running on-ground programs and activities, social awareness sessions and drives, and contributing to self-help groups.

MahilaBol has changed the way women feel about Sexual Harassment in their Workplace. MahilaBol covered 200,000 women from more than 45 cities in India. It went to Rural, Urban and semi-urban locations in 13 states of India. Eventually, we were able to get detailed survey feedback from more than 35,000 women from more than 30 sectors. Mahila Bol also saw more than 30 NGOs, Political Leaders, Media houses,s and other influencers supporting the campaign.

The collective voice of women in the form of findings and what they have spoken has been submitted to the relevant authorities, to review, understand, and take recommended actions as deemed appropriate.

Things are changing and every day a woman gets benefited, or a livelihood is protected, and we do hope, in due course, every woman’s workplace experience is safe and friendly.