Most women deal with hostile, violent, or abusive behavior at home or in the workplace. This might range from subtle actions to violent physical violence to sexual harassment. And we CANNOT stay quiet.  

How to deal with it:  

  • Speak up  
  • Talk to your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.  
  • In case of domestic violence, collect evidence and gather witnesses if you wish to lodge a police complaint.  
  • In the case of workplace harassment, compile your experience in writing and reach out to HR and the management. Workplace harassment includes a hostile work environment, the use of language with sexual overtones, invasion of private space by hovering too close for comfort, subtle touches  
  • If it looks like the offense could repeat before any action is taken, confront the offender.  
  • Do not suffer the injustice silently.  
  • Reach out to us for help.