HRhelpdesk Trust is committed to working with and for the cause of women empowerment. Through our efforts, we aim to make women financially secure such that they not only support and care for their families but also become self-dependent.

However, many women face hostile behaviours at their work places and suffer silently due to the fear of victimization or worse still loss of work that can adversely affect their finances. To help such women know about the legal rights they enjoy and how they can exercise them, HRhelpdesk Trust conducts awareness campaigns, sensitization workshops and train-the-trainer programs.

We also conduct awareness programs for employers such that they know their obligations and can better comply with the provisions of the law. We help organizations in setting up Internal Committees and where required introduce them to qualified IC members for induction.

Not only does HRhelpdesk work with urban or sophisticated employers, we reach out to working women even in the rural areas and conduct awareness programmes such that they know their rights. We help women create self-help groups such that they can support each other, when needed.

As part of our ongoing awareness programmes, we are currently conducting the Mahila Bol campaign, which is a national survey of working women on sexual harassment that they face. The survey is an initiative of United Nations Women, India, and Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India and Hrhelpdesk.